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Welcome to UCMG

United Care Medical Group is a group of independently contracted community physicians dedicated to the health and wellness of the patients they serve. UCMG offers access to a wide network of physicians and hospitals throughout Orange County with more than 200 Primary Care Physicians and 300 Specialty Physicians. Our physicians are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to members under the Cal Optima Program, Central Health Plan, and Brand New Day Senior programs. Founded in 1985 our physicians are united in their mission to deliver compassionate healthcare and quality service to our members. UCMG is physician-owned and administered. Physicians decide what care is appropriate and will go to great lengths to ensure our members receive the service, care, and attention they need.

Our philosophy is to help our patients stay healthy – not just treating them when they are ill. They work together in a united effort to coordinate and promote preventive health care and education. Our goal is to provide compassionate, quality healthcare to all of our members.