UCMG has contract with health plans which determines your health benefits. You choose UCMG by selecting a primary care physician (PCP) who coordinates all your health care. When you need to see specialists, your PCP will refer you to the appropriate destinations. When you need to be hospitalized, UCMG will provide hospitalists to care for you.

UCMG put priority in prevention health care. We encourage you and your family members to see your PCP periodically, during which, you will receive physical and mental checkups. The doctor will refer you to laboratory and radiology to detect any recent or chronic medical problems. UCMG utilizes ancillary services with fast and precise result.

If you belong to a HMO, you may be requested to pay a copayment at each visit to PCP, urgent or emergency room. For the premium, co-pay amount, you need to contact the HMO plan directly.

If you are sick while traveling, even abroad, you may seek care at the urgent care or emergency room where you are. The medical expense will be partially reimbursed by your health plan.

If you are not satisfied about a decision regarding the denial of services or payment, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for detailed instructions about how to file an appeal, or you can call your health plan directly.

If you are dissatisfied with UCMG and/or any of our providers, including quality of care concerns, please contact your health plan and file a formal grievance.

We strive for excellence in healthcare and will work closely with your health plan to ensure the highest quality of care.

If you have any further questions, you may contact our Customer Service Department at (877) 225-6784 .