How you should be ready for the first appointment

If you sign up with a UCMG's primary care physician, you will receive the UCMG handbook which delineates the policies, instructions how to become a cooperated member.

The management company will send the primary care physician office a notice that members should be seen during the first 120 days after their enrollment.

However, if you initiate the first appointment, you should write down the reasons for your visit and any symptoms before you see the doctor.

You should present the health plan membership card to the front desk. You are required to fill out the registration form which includes all your individual information such as name, address, phone number, social security number, emergency contact name. During the intake, a nurse will ask you about all medications you are taken; any devices you currently use.

Your doctor may ask you to sign a medical record release form to transfer record from previous health care professionals.

You also require providing information about durable power of attorney (a written document in which one person [the principal] appoints another person to act as an agent on his or her behalf, thus giving the agent the authority to perform certain legal, financial, and health care decisions on behalf of the principal); health care directives (an Advanced Directive tells your doctor, family, and friends about the health care you want if you can no longer make decisions for yourself. It explains the types of special treatment you want or do not want).