Chronic Condition Management

Vital Care Program

Perhaps you have a health issue that can’t be fixed, like diabetes or kidney disease. These chronic conditions don’t go away, but the people who have them can feel better if they get the right care.

Our Vital Care program helps eligible older adult members with chronic health issues enjoy a better life. The Vital Care team is made up of doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, care managers, and highly skilled social workers. They all come together to provide a program designed specifically for you and your needs.

Some Vital Care resources include:

  • Dedicated social services support
  • 24/7 access to your Vital Care manager
  • Pharmacy consultation for you and your family
  • Specialized conditions management programs
  • Specialized care centers catering to short and long-term recovery
  • Walk-in open access to specialized Vital Care clinics
  • Staff doctors onsite at hospitals or skilled nursing facilities

For more information about the Vital Care program, ask your doctor.