About Us

What is a medical group?

Anyone who has HMO coverage through their health plan needs to choose a medical group. Your medical group is the connection between your health plan and you. We help organize and coordinate all of your care. When you choose us, you will receive extra health and wellness benefits - there is no additional cost to you.

Our purpose: To better every life we touch through the way we care.

Like many Independent Physician Associations, United Care Medical Group helps provide high quality healthcare at lower out-of-pocket costs to our members. What makes us unlike other associations is the way we care. United Care Medical Group emphasizes prevention over intervention and works closely with our providers and members, providing the resources, guidance and expertise that everyone in the United Care Medical Group family needs to create their own vitality.

Choose United Care Medical Group

During New or Open Enrollment Periods

If you’re joining a new insurance plan, or participating in your employer’s annual open enrollment period, you only need to list, or select, United Care Medical Group as your preferred medical group on the enrollment form. You’ll also need to put down the name of your chosen Primary Care Physician at this time.

At Any Other Time

You don’t have to wait for special enrollment periods to join the United Care Medical Group. You can do it at any time. To change your preferred medical group, just call the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card. Your health plan’s customer service department can help you to select United Care Medical Group as your medical group, and they can help you find a United Care Medical Group affiliated Primary Care Physician if you haven’t already selected one.