Things you ever want and need to know

UCMG recommends annual Influenza Vaccination from September to March. Especially in 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic has become widespread. Members should be vaccinated against Influenza in order to avoid a double jeopardy: getting sick with both Flu and Covid 19.

UCMG allows giving Flu shot for any member six month of age and above. You may get Flu shot at your physician office or you may receive the shot to any facilities or pharmacies which offer it.

To avoid getting Covid 19 virus, you should follow public health guidelines: Stay home and only go out if you have urgent need. Wear mask if you are outside of home, Keep social distance of six feet apart from each other, and Wash your hand frequently.

If you think you come down with Covid 19, such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, you may call your doctors. If you experience shortness of breath, you need to go to the emergency room.

For Covid 19 testing, there are several centers which offer testing in Orange County. Call OC Public Health at 714-834-2000 or go to the website for more information.

Covid 19 vaccines are here. There are two available vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna. There will be more Covid 19 vaccines in the near future. You will get two shots of Pfizer vaccine 21 days apart. Moderna is scheduled two shots one month apart.

The vaccine is distributed following public health guidelines. Health Care workers who are in direct contact with Covid 19 patients get the vaccine in first priority. Next would be residents of long term care facilities, people above 85 years old age. The general population will get vaccinated by February 2021 or later.

Consult with your doctor about Covid 19 vaccine effect, dosage, and possible allergy, anaphylactic reactions related to vaccine.